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Angelina Brazzale

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Realign with your Spirit, Reconnect with your Nature and Reset your Health.

I’m Angelina Mary Brazzale, and I work in ways both magical and practical for healing on many levels.

I help women to manifest their desires through Tarot and AstroRituals and Women’s Circles, Crystals and Essential OilsYoga and Meditation, Creative Workshops and Primal Health Coaching.

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Spirit, Nature, Self

Esoteric, Creative, Holistic, Healing

Products and Services

Handcrafted and Lovingly Curated by

Angelina Brazzale

Tarot Reading, 4 Card Spread

Tarot Readings

The Tarot provides us with a fascinating and beautiful way to shine light on our current situation. The cards are a language of symbols, revealing layers of meaning that are otherwise hidden from our day to day life. Reading the cards opens a conversation, the focus of which is always upon what we can learn and how we can move towards positive personal growth.

I’ve been reading for over 25 years now and I still find that the accuracy of the cards is astounding and confirming.

I bring to each reading a lifetime of experience, deep Scorpion intuition and a special sensitivity so that the focus, even for the “difficult” cards, is always upon what we can learn and how we might utilize all of the influences to optimise our evolution.

Macrame Workshop

Creative Workshops

I facilitate Creative Workshops in the area where I live. Women throughout ages and cultures have gathered together to make things and to talk. These afternoons are a beautiful way of bringing women of all ages together. Everyone goes home with their craft in their hands and with warmth in their hearts from the easy connections.


Summer Ritual Altar

Circles and Rituals

Circles and Rituals are very special events. They’re spiritual, beautiful, fascinating, fun and deeply rewarding.

I conduct Women’s Circles in accordance with the Moon Cycles and the Wheel of the Year.

I’m available for organising and holding sacred space for celebrations, reflection and connection.

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Health and Nutrition Reset

Contemporary life has distanced us from the vital aspects of Diet and Lifestyle that guarantee good health.

We’ve forgotten the basics and we need to re-learn what to do.

This is what happens through engaging in my holistic health program, the Paleo Reset 31

You re-learn, remember and recalibrate on a cellular level. It works.

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I’m Angelina Mary Brazzale, and I work in practical, creative and esoteric ways.

I read the Tarot; they’ve been a passion for over 25 years. I can also give overviews of the Astrological Natal Charts.

I facilitate Rituals and Women’s Circles, which involve guided meditations and active visualisations.

I organise Creative Workshops for Women, afternoons of craft, conversation and connection.

I work with Crystals and Essential Oils: as an empath and clairsentient, my body responds like a pendulum to subtle energies.

I taught Yoga and Meditation in my own studio and in a D&A Rehabilation Community for young men from 2009 to 2019.

I certified as a Primal Health Coach in 2019, having reversed the chronic pain of autoimmunity through the Paleo Diet and Lifestyle.

As I embrace the Crone phase, my deepest desire is to be an elusive hedgewitch and an introverted priestess.

Connect with me for the holistic healing of spirit, mind and body.

Contact me for sacred, inspiring and celebratory occasions.

Angelina Brazzale

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Instagram: @lilith_et_ amor

Instagram: @paleoreset31


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