Am I the Support You’re Looking For?

If you have health goals but don’t know how to reach them, then read on. My Health Coaching programs are for women who need to lose weight, reduce pain, manage stress, recharge energy and strengthen the immune system – all at the same time.

Sounds good? It is. Trust me: I know from experience that we can radically shift our health through our diet and lifestyle choices. Both my husband and I reversed long-term health issues that were taking us on a downward spiral, and I now help my clients do the same. By following the same principals that we now live by, you can feel so much better in no time. Sure, it takes time to consolidate new practices into long-term habits, but that’s exactly where Coaching helps. And when you experience tangible wins from week to week, you’ll be motivated to continue.

Regardless of where you’re starting from, you can

  • alleviate your symptoms and sometimes eliminate them completely
  • reduce your reliance on pharmaceuticals and sometimes throw them away
  • feel better than you’ve ever done, and maintain that state forever.

I’m a Primal Health Coach, which means that I work with the model of ancestral health.

“Primal” and “Paleo” refer to our DNA, our genes, and specifically, the DNA that makes us human. Unfortunately, modern life has distanced us from the natural foods and behaviours that guarantee good health. But when we give our body/mind what it needs to thrive, we can reset our genetic preferences. We can, quite literally, switch off the negative gene expression that takes us towards disease and activate the positive blueprint that promotes health and wellness.

Essentially, Health is Easy, but Pragmatically…

Essentially, health is easy. But pragmatically, it’s difficult to change habits. Human beings are very complex creatures. I believe that Body, Mind and Spirit are inseparable, and if we want long-term results, then we need to address them all. My Reset Health Coaching programs are transformational because they heal, strengthen and balance the different layers of our being, all at the same time.

What Can I Expect?

The results from my Paleo Reset programs are astounding, diverse, and everybody feels the difference within a month. Common experiences include:

  • Body – Digestive issues such as bloating and acid reflux are resolved. Muscle and joint pain dissipates. Excess weight dissolves. Sugar cravings cease. Skin problems clear, eyes glow. Allergies disappear.
  • Mind – Stress and brain fog ebb away. The mind becomes clear. Relaxation is easier. Sleep is longer and deeper.
  • Spirit – Energy is recharged. Enthusiasm for life returns. New passions are ignited as you align with your authentic self.

The Right Information and the Right Support

If you’re thinking about investing in Private Health Coaching, then it’s probably because you’ve tried everything, and nothing has really worked. Not for the long term. If this is true, then good for you: you’re on the right track.

Most people don’t reach their health goals for two reasons: they don’t have the right information, and they don’t have the right support.

This is exactly what Primal Health Coaching offers.

  • I’ve collated all of my best material to give you the right information in a way that’s easy to understand and assimilate. The ancestral health model is often the key that turns the lock on stubborn health issues that we’ve lived with for a lifetime.
  • With  Private Health Coaching, you receive all the support that you need. Along with weekly video calls, you can message me as often as you need to. Unlike your appointments with other health professionals, I don’t abandon you once your session is over. Are you confused? Send me a message, I’ll clarify. Are you craving toxic food? Call me, I’ll talk you through it.  Don’t know how to navigate a social situation? I’ll set you up with a strategy.
  • When you commit to a Private program, we concentrate fully on you. My job as your Health Coach is to help you, support you and empower you so that you can reach your full potential. I’m honoured to do so.

If You’re Curious, Follow that Feeling

If you’re feeling drawn to this, then go with it. Follow your intuition. 

Here are the simple steps to get to know me and my programs:

  • Learn More about my 3 Health Reset Programs and all of my resources. If it fits, you can book “The Essential” right away.
  • Download the guide, “Health is Easy”, along with the 5-Day Body/Mind Reset Workbook and PDF Printables. They’re all free, and are a fun way to get started.
  • Contact me about a Private Reset – or just to chat about which program is right for you.

One of my readers said when we met, “I’m so glad I found the courage to call you.” Seriously, I’m not scary. I’m not seeking hundreds of clients or a six figure salary. I’m not going to push you or coerce you with sales techniques. I understand and respect that not everyone has the money to invest in Private Coaching, while at the same time some people need to pay high in order to commit. That’s why my Reset programs are based on an ethically tiered model.

Essentially, I really enjoy talking to women who are wanting and willing to activate their healing in radical ways.

If that where you’re at, it’ll be a pleasure to meet you!