Primal Health Coaching

An easy way to get an idea as to what Primal Health Coaching is like is through asking a few questions. Have a think about these:

  • Are you  living your fabulous life? Or are you exhausted, worried and confused about your health issues?
  • Are physical pain and psychological burnout stealing time and energy away from your family, your career, your social life and your passions?
  • If you could resolve your health, stress and energy issues, what would your life be like?


If your health situation and stress levels are stunting your growth, then a nurturing and stimulating relationship with a certified Primal Health Coach could be exactly what you need to get back on track and start living your full potential.


A “Health Coach” is like a personal trainer for your total health and wellness. Our job is help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles that are preventing you from reaching them, and practice the strategies that will lead to long-term positive transformation. We can do this purely through the Coach-Client relationship, or in collaboration with other health professionals such as your doctor or physiotherapist.


A Primal Health Coach can be of incredible assistance when you don’t know what to do, or when you know what you want but you just can’t get there on your own. The power of a Health Coaching Program is discovering that with the right information and with loving support, the impossible is achievable and the results are exponential.


To know whether you would benefit from working with a Coach, tick off these if they resonate with you:


  • You live with chronic pain which is becoming unbearable
  • You desperately need to reduce your stress levels
  • You’re worried that you’re heading towards burnout
  • You feel like your body is going into physical melt-down
  • You’re constantly exhausted
  • You catch every cold and ‘flu that goes around
  • You want to manage your autoimmune issues as naturally as possible
  • You’ve tried everything and can’t lose weight
  • Your headaches and migraines are intolerable
  • Your skin problems are just horrible – pimples, acne, blotches, itching
  • You can’t pinpoint the cause of your food intolerances and allergies
  • You’re uncomfortable in your body and clothes – bloating, cramps, gas, digestive issues
  • Your backache is constant – you need to tone and strengthen your body
  • You need to lower your blood pressure
  • You need to manage diabetes and understand your diet




  • Health professionals are not giving you clear explanations as to what’s going on
  • You feel like you’ve tried everything, with no long-term results
  • You don’t want to be dependent on painkillers and pharmaceuticals


You feel deep down that health should be natural:


  • You want to understand how diet, movement, sleep and stress management can positively impact on your health and well-being
  • You want to feel better and be fabulous


If you’ve shouted out, “Yes, that’s me!” to any number of these, then yes – commiting to a Primal Health Coaching program will help you re-discover what it’s like to be radiant, strong and full of vitality again.



“Primal” is part of the ancestral health movement, which is all about making friends with your genes. We look at when our genes evolved (during the Paleolithic era), how they evolved (what stimulants they received) and how we can switch on positive gene expression (through Diet and Lifestyle choices).


Essentially, my programs are about helping you make the right choices so that you’re eating, moving, sleeping, connecting with the world and managing your stress in ways which will allow you to thrive. Given the right conditions, our genes respond with health and strength, every time. The amazing thing is that because they respond in the here-and-now, you feel the results quickly – and this motivates you to continue.



So many good things happen when you give your body/mind what it needs.

  • Your hormones will regulate
  • You’ll lose weight if you need to
  • Your body composition will improve (you’ll like what you’ll see in the mirror)
  • You’ll strengthen the immune system
  • You’ll lower insulin production and lose the cravings
  • The bloating, cramps and digestive issues will disappear
  • The aches and pains will dissolve
  • You’ll breath easy, you’ll sleep deeply, you’ll lose the stress
  • Your relationships will improve
  • You’ll be more productive
  • You’ll love your life again



I’ve chosen to focus on Primal Health Coaching because my own experience with it was so transformational. For me it was the turning point: away from a future of pain, autoimmune disease and pharmaceutical dependancy to a life of joy and empowerment.

Now, sharing what I know and helping others to get back on track is the most important thing I can do.



I can’t encourage you enough to invest in your health. Not through short-term fads which inevitably re-bound, but through establishing sustainable diet and lifestyle habits that will see you through to old age.


You deserve to be living a fabulous life for the rest of your life – and you can do it! You’ve got what it takes!



Reach out, get in touch and set up a call.


We’ll talk about your situation, and I’ll tell you how my program works. If it looks like working together is what you need for success, we’ll get the show on the road!