Ritiro Artemis Rising

Artemis Rising

Activate the Goddess in You

Women’s Retreat, Italy

Fri 2 – Sat 3 – Sun 4 June 2023

Get ready for Artemis Rising, a Women’s Retreat to connect with your passion, your potential and your power through the exploration and embodiment of the Artemis archetype.

This exclusive retreat will be held at the Agriturismo Atman in the Veneto region of Italy.

This gorgeous spiritual retreat centre is hidden in the quiet countryside that surrounds Peschiera, the southernmost point of Lake Garda.

The retreat will be held in Italian.

And, yes, it’s the weekend of the Full Moon.

The Artemis Rising Retreat

From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, you will joyfully experience:

  • Yoga: Stretch and unblock physical tension with Yoga Vinyasa
  • Meditation: Calm the mind and rediscover peace through guided meditations
  • Relaxation: Unwind along the Spiral Maze and release the stress of your habitual roles
  • Illumination: Clarify your needs and desires through a potent program
  • Inspiration: Learn about the Artemis archetype and why it’s important that we summon her now
  • Activation: Ritual and embodied practices for our power and pleasure
  • Connection: Experience the warmth, love and high energy that’s generated in Circle
  • Creation: Liberate your self expression through art and craft
  • Rejuvenation: Sleep deep and long like you never have before with Yoga Nidra before bedtime

You will also enjoy:

  • Gorgeous Accomodation: 2 nights accomodation in the shared space of the Mansarda, perfect for Yoga Nidra. (Shared or private rooms can be arranged.)
  • Delicious Meals: Breakfast (Sat/Sun), Picnic Hampers for Lunch (Sat/Sun), Dinner (Fri/Sat)
  • The Exotic Yurta: All of our activities on Saturday will be held in the womb-space of the Mongolian Yurta. 
Yurta Roof

Retreat with Me Under the Full Moon

Are you lighting up at the thought of Artemis Rising?

I am imagining, visualising and creating a weekend that will be expansive, enriching and transformational.

And I’m calling in the intimate company of warm-hearted, open-minded, forward-thinking, spiritually-motivated, positive and curious women who want to join me for these days and nights of illumination and celebration under the light of the Full Moon in June.

For intimacy and magic, this Retreat is for a maximum of 12 women (that makes 13 with me!).

A Few Things To Know

  • Price: The cost of the Retreat is accessible! It’s under €300, please contact me for the details.
  • Confirmation: The Retreat will be confirmed when the minimum number of partecipants is met.
  • Sleeping Space: Shared or private rooms can be arranged at extra cost if this is preferred to the all-in-together intimitate space of the Mansarda.
  • Transport: Partecipants need to make their own transport arrangements to and from the Agriturismo Atman.
  • Book Ahead: Bookings with a deposit must be made by THURSDAY 11th MAY.

Are you excited? If you’re responding – body, mind and soul – with a tingling, “Yes!” – then please don’t wait!

Contact me straight away for information and to book your place.




The illustration of Artemis is my own. Feel free to use but please credit me and link back to my website. Thankyou.