Woman Holding the Moon

Full Moon Ritual for Powerful Loving: How to Fill Up With Her Glow

Woman Holding the Moon

When she’s full, the Moon is as far away from the Sun as she can be. She represents the feminine energies, the mama, the inuitive and passive state which allows our inner world to surface. In contrast, the Sun’s energy, masculine and paternal, helps us navigate the material world through the rational and active forces of the ego/mind. When there’s so much space between the two, and when the Moon is fully rounded out with pregnant power, a Full Moon Ritual can connect us with our untapped potential. By harnessing the unconditional lovingness of the feminine archtype we can acknowledge where we’re at with honesty. We can forgive ourselves and others. We can release the negative and heal our wounds. And we can create a bright and uncluttered space for new energy and dynamic growth.

Full Moon in Red Sky

How to Hold a Full Moon Ritual

A Full Moon Ritual can as simple or as stategic as your time allows. It can be intimate or social, domestic or estoteric. What’s important is your focused intention. As with all practices of positive manifestation, you’re the one who imbues the ritual with wonder.

Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide to Holding a Full Moon Ritual, with 21 ideas for moonlit magic.

5 Steps for a Focused Full Moon Ritual

In order that all flows smoothly, I’d suggest that you start to plan your Full Moon Ritual one week before she ripens.

  1. Study a Moon Calendar. Know the time and date of the next Full Moon, her traditional name for the month, what astrological sign she’ll be in and whether she’s special in a specific way, eg a Super Moon, a Blue Moon etc.
  2. Decide the Time and Place. Think ahead, mark the date, let people know that you won’t be available during that time (or invite them to partecipate.)
  3. Plan the Ritual. What will you do exactly? Check that you have all the materials that you need in your Ritual Toolbox – candles, smudge sticks, singing bowls etc.
  4. Create the Space. When it’s time, take the time to clean your space. On the physical plane, dust and prepare your altar. Energetically, cleanse through smudging, singing bowls and crystal lamps. Then prepare yourself. Take a shower and refresh. Dress in comfortable clothes that make you feel beautiful and blessed.
  5. Enjoy your Ritual. Let go of seriousness and let lightness and fun prevail. Release self-consciousness and tension. Bathe in the Moonlight and feel yourself swelling with her goodness and power. Relax, assimilate and smile.

21 Practices of Positive Intent for a Full Moon Ritual

This is a lovely collection of Full Moon Ceremony practices that I’ve collated from around the web. I’ll link to the sources below.


Self Care and Home

  • 1. DUST & DECLUTTER With the Full Moon being so big and bright, every speck of dust will stand out. Clear away the cobwebs and declutter the closets which are preventing the free circulation of new energy. Change your bedsheets for good lovin’ and deep sleep. Give nourishment to your houseplants. Purify the subtle spaces with a smudge stick, incense, a singing bowl and oils.
  • 2. TIE UP LOOSE ENDS Pay the bills, finish the odd jobs and complete that small step on your process. Reflect over the last month and congratulate yourself for the progress you’ve made over the last Moon cycle.
  • 3. FEED YOURSELF Fuel your body with the nourishment it deserves. Indulge in a beautiful meal made with fresh ingredients. Fill your plate with quality protein, healthy fats, salad and vegetables. Eat mindfully, and allow yourself time to digest.
  • 4. CLEANSE Luxuriate in a bathtub. Light candles and set the mood. Add bath salts to melt physical tension. Add oils, rose petals, a bath bomb – whatever will help you unwind. Allow heavy emotions and negative energies to dissolve. Then visualize them spiralling away down the drain.

Purify and Empower

  • 5. CRYSTALS Charge your crystals by putting them outside where they can soak in the moonlight.
  • 6. WATER Make full moon water. Fill a vessel and, once it’s been vitalized overnight by the light of the Moon, drink it, wash with it, use it as refreshing spray or water your plants with it.

Centre In

  • 7. ALTAR Create an altar with the inspirational objects and energies that you want to be working with, along with photos or sculptures of the people or beings that empower you. 
  • 8. NATURE Immerse yourself in nature as much as the situation allows. Our senses respond positively to the sounds and stimulus of nature: it’s part of our DNA. Conduct your ritual outside and bathe in the moonlight if possible. If not, energise your space with flowers and houseplants. If they can be trusted to not knock things over, invite your pets to partake.
  • 9. PRESENCE Sit still, be comfortable and close your eyes. Come into your body and breath cycle. Pause here for a while. Observe how you’re feeling in the here and now. Expand your sensory awareness to inquire about your physical, mental and energetic states. Scan your body, heart and mind for fatigue, tension or wounding, as well as for enthusiasm, peace and joy. Relax. As your mind settles, decide upon a focus object (I like to imagine a Crescent Moon on my forehead. Some choose a saint, Christ, the Buddha, a Goddess or the Sun.) Continue to concentrate on your body/breath and on your focus object. When the mind wanders, re-focus and come back home. Relax and enjoy, knowing that you are supported by the good energy of Mama Moon.
  • 10. MOON BREATH As you inhale, imagine the Moon waxing. Hold at the Full Moon for a few seconds and fill up with her loving glow. Then release with a slow exhale as you imagine her waning.
  • 11. MOVEMENT Choose an atmospheric playlist and dance in the moonlight. Loosen your joints and energise your blood flow.
Crystal Cleansing in a Full Moon Ritual

Positive Mind, Heart and Soul

  • 12. RELEASE When the Full Moon shifts into her waning cycle, it’s a perfect time for releasing those things that no longer serve us. Grab your journal and write down whatever’s on your mind with no censureship. Don’t try to plan or resolve. The idea is simply to get things out of your head and onto the page.
  • 13. FORGIVE. Write a forgiveness list. Identify any grudges and grievances that you’re holding onto. Acknowledge the situations that have hurt you or held you back. Empower yourself and open to the possibility of forgiving yourself and others. Imagine how you might feel when you’re not burndened with the heaviness of that baggage. Remember that forgiveness is not about justifying abusive, offensive or negative behaviour. It’s about lightening the load for yourself so that you can live life fully.
  • 14. SELF ACCEPTANCE Take a mirror, a cloth and pure water. Look into your eyes with compassion and love. Maintain focus as you clean the mirror, repeating an affirmation, such as, “I love myself. I approve of myself. I respect myself. I’m ready to receive all the abundance, the wellness and the love that flows through the Universe.” Call in your highest self for guidance, and good energies for their support.
  • 15. PRAYER Activate your intentions with prayer, for example: ”Mama Moon, I’m held in your loving glow. I absorb your strength and I’m protected and safe. Safe to love and safe to forgive. I forgive myself for when I’ve been ungiving, for not knowing, for sometimes being small. With the light of your glow, I forgive the people who have hurt me. I forgive those who are confused, those who are mislead. I glow with peace. I glow with strength. Mama Moon, I fill up with your glow.”
  • 16. BURN your Forgiveness List. There’s nothing quite like fire as a symbolic gesture of release and transformation. Be safe, goes without saying.
  • 17. GIVE THANKS. Fill your cleansed heart space with gratitude. Gratitude and forgiveness are mighty energetic levels. Coupled together, they’ll elevate your vibration.


  • 18. CLARITY Ask Mama Moon for clarity on a particular issue. During a Full Moon you may be more open to your inner world and emotions may be intensified. Tune in and trust in your intuition, your gut feelings and your psychic awareness.
  • 19. GUIDANCE Draw an Oracle Card and go deep into what it means for you.
  • 20. ASTROLOGY Reflect upon the astrological sign that this Full Moon occurs in. What are the particular challenges that are associated with this sign? Are they impacting upon you during this Moon? What can you learn from this alignment?


  • 21. CIRCLE. Do all of this in a Full Moon Circle. Be empowered by the synergistic energy of shared intention with like-minded souls. Read your intentions out loud. Have everyone meditate, visualize and embody the practice with you.
Woman relaxing during a Full Moon Ritual

At the end of your ritual, whatever you’ve done, lie back, relax and soak up the glow. Take a deep breath and let out a big sigh. Know that are a child of the Universe, unique, valued and loved.

Know that your highest intentions of love, release and forgiveness have been given to the Universe and that good will follow.

Give thanks to the Full Moon. Close your ritual. It is done.

We hope you love this post. If it inspires, please share it with your people.

And let us know in the comments how you’ve created your Full Moon Ritual.

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