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Angelina Brazzale came to earth in 1968. Born and raised in Australia, she’s been living in Italy since 2002. She’s the founder and editor of Empress & Sister, having transformed her personal website into this collective enterprise in 2023. Angie is polyhedric and multipassionate, esoteric and holistic, magical and practical. She reads Tarot, leads creative workshops, facilitates ritual and Women’s Circles and is a Primal Health Coach. She’s a yoga and meditation teacher, and has degrees in English Literature and in Fine Arts: Ceramics. She’s Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon and Virgo Ascendent, and this, she feels, explains a lot about how her life unfolds in chapters. She has Lilith on her MC, opposing Venus, hence her esoteric name, Lilith-et-Amor. She believes fundamentally in the healing power of Nature, and that, as conscious extensions of Divine Energy, we are co-creators of Life.

Spotlight: Angelina Brazzale

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In the classic Tarot deck designed by Arthur Waite and Pamela Smith, the Empress wears a crown of 12 stars which represent the 12 astrological signs of the heavenly spheres. Thus inspired, we ask each Sister in the Spotlight to respond to 12 questions.

The Empress Questions


 #1 Welcome, Sister! Here at Empress, we’re a network of like-minded and soul aligned women, which means we’re all linked in a personal way. What’s your connection – who’s your closest sister here?

Well, being the founder of Empress & Sister, I suppose you could say that I’m the Mother (or the Grandmother!) of this network, and as such, all of the Empress sisters link back, in some way, to me. Awesome, when I think about it!


#2 We think personal histories and lineages are fascinating. What’s your ancestory and who are your kin?

My mother’s ancestors moved to Australia from Scotland and Ireland in the 1800’s. My father was born in Italy and moved to Australia after the 2nd World War, in the 1950’s. So, I have Irish Catholics on one side, and Roman Catholics on the other. I’m the 5th of 6 children.


#3 What’s your passion, product, service, talent or gift? How are you helping to raise the global vibration?

I think that my main gift is communication, but in a very introverted kind of way. It seems that I’m able to engage with “difficult” concepts of spirituality, personal growth, health and healing in ways that are accessible and motivating. So, for example, my style of reading the Tarot is very much about collaborating with the archetypes and images so as to open a conversation. It’s always fascinating to see what comes through, what’s revealed, the unexpected influences that lie beneath the surface of the person or the situation.

It seems I’m able to take people effortlessly into a deep state of meditation, which is lovely. I’m quite receptive to subtle energies. My body responds like a pendulum to crystals, trees, questions; maybe this is a gift?

Mostly, however, I think that I help raise the global vibration through having done and continuing to do a lot of healing. This has a powerful ripple effect, in ways both tangible and unseen.

I hope that, through my creativity, I contribute beauty to the world. I hope that I inspire others through being an example of how we can tread lightly upon Gaia, how we can live mindfully and how life responds so graciously when we do so.

I also hope that I’m contributing positively to the world through re-learning the her-story of the Feminine Divine, and re-awakening that energy in myself and in the people around me.

#4 Tell us about an important, positive step that you’ve taken in your life? What was the motivation? How did you feel before and after?

Goodness, there have been so many! Moving to Italy in 2002 at the tail end of a dark depression was huge, of course. But, I think that the biggest, most positive and life changing step that I’ve taken was on the 1st of September, 2014, when I decided to commit to the Paleo Diet for 30 days.

Health, they say, is everything, and I agree because it’s hard to do anything when pain is occupying all the space. At that time, I was vegetarian and immersed in the world of yoga and meditation. I thought I was doing everything right. But I was in chronic pain and blood tests revealed I was heading towards autoimmune disease. The thought of a future dependent on pharmaceuticals was terrifying, so I started researching and everything I read pulled me towards this new health model: Paleo.

Angie and Roxy

I had nothing to lose. Between the two options – autoimmune disease and eating meat for 30 days to see what would happen – the latter seemed the only option. Everything changed. I realised that the vegetarian ethic stemming from the yogic principal of ahimsa, do no harm, was simplistic and misleading. Without death there is no life. By seeking not to harm other forms of life, we do violence to ourselves. To say nothing of the damage to all of the creatures and to biodiversity that results from the monocrops of cereals, grains and legumes. 

So, interestingly, that big and humbling decision to question what was a core value at the time rewarded me a new perspective of “holistic”, a new respect for biodiversity and regenerative agriculture. And it enabled me to deepen my spiritual practice, and walk my own path.

#5 What’s next in your life, what are you moving towards, what’s your highest vision?

Retirement! Psychological retirement. I hope that I’m moving towards a time and place where I’m free to pass my time doing the things that I find enriching and pleasurable – creativity, writing, crafting, being in nature, studying, sitting in meditation without needing to set a timer… and without any of those things needing to be economically commodified. My highest vision is to be an invisible hedgewitch and an introverted priestess.


#6 What frustrates the hell out of you?

The patriarchy and capitilism. It’s kind of embarassing, I think, to be human these days, to be still living under these paradigms, regardless of the damage that they’ve done and continue to do. To those, I’ll add my frustration with the cancel culture of Christianity which has done it’s best to erase so much history and deny all that it’s appropriated from the Old Ways, and cover up all the damage that it’s done, particularly to women and to the Feminine Divine. It’s shocking that, for example, the atrocities that occured during the 500 years of the Inquisition is not common knowledge in Christian cultures. I imagine that Jesus Christ, if he existed at all – and there’s nothing to say that he did – was most probably calibrating at a very high level, energetically speaking. So, it’s not the Christ figure, just Christianity, that frustrates me. If Christians knew the real history of their religion, I wonder how many would subscribe to it? Yep, frustrates the hell out of me.

#7 If you were Empress of the World and could make One Big Change, what would it be and why?

My One Big Change would be to Stop the Production of Plastic. It would change everything. It would put the brakes on every industry. It would reverse technology. It would make everyone re-think their consumption. It would mean people would have to become creative with their thinking, as well as with their hands. It would clean up the oceans and the rivers and the beaches and everywhere. It would give every living creature on the planet an opportuity to recover, maybe, from the assimilation of micro plastic particles. And I’d be very curious to see how many health issues disappeared if we weren’t sucking on plastic, literally, from the moment we were born. Plastic leaks phytoestrogens, and our body/brain doesn’t distinguish between the plastic estrogen and our physiological estrogen. What would happen if we weren’t consuming it, for all of our lives? But mostly, I’d stop the production of plastic for Gaia. And I’d make it obligatory to refer to our planet as Gaia. If everyone refered to her as “her” instead of “it”, perhaps our relationship to her would change. 

#8 If you could build a palace or a place just for women, what would it be made of and what would it be?

A palace, yes, in every town, village and suburb. Each with a Moon Room, specifically for menstruating women who would, of course, have no other responsibilities or engagements that prevented them from going there, if they so desired. The socio-cultural support would be there. As it would be for all women, in all of their phases of maiden, mother and crone. The palace might be built upon the model that appeared to me in a dream: distinct left and right sides, unified in the middle by a transparent glass atrium.

It would be surrounded by gardens with roses and pomegranate trees, and all kinds of wildlife would make their home there.

Modelled on the style of ancient Rome, a fire dedicated to Hestia/Vesta would burn continuously in the centre, representing our spiritual centre, and each would have a Herm at the door, as a reminder that the masculine’s role is to protect us.

Summer Ritual Altar

In fact, we would have men at the gates, proud to be serving us and guarding our sacred space. It would be built upon the principals of love, healing, collaboration, creativity, celebration, study and spirituality. And upon the recognition of our feminine role, our responsbility and co-involvement in the regeneration of Nature and Life.

#9 What advice would you like to give to our Little Sisters about navigating today’s world?

Don’t underestimate the negative potential of alcohol and testosterone, both on their own, and especially when combined.

Don’t underestimate the negative potential of smart phones – psychologically, emotionally, spiritually.

Don’t underestimate the negative potential of motherhood. 

With regards to the first two – and all that goes along with them – sex, drugs, things that create dependency – then, if you’re going to play, do so intelligently, be smart.

With regards to motherhood, be aware that the role is largely romanticised, and you must imagine beyond the idea of a lovely, soft little newborn in your arms. Motherhood is a full time job for years, and by all accounts, it’s not getting easier.

If the desire to be a mother feels like anything less than a spiritual vocation, then choose other ways to fulfil your life. During your 30’s you may have to consciously resist the instinctual drive. But recognise the feelings for what they are: biological, physiological, instinctual drives that have little to do with the realities of motherhood. The urges pass as the biological clock ticks over. 

As a joyfully childless woman in her mid 50’s, I’m glad that kids didn’t happen for me. The human race will continue without every woman needing to reproduce. We can support our friends who are called by vocation to be mothers, and help with the raising of the children in our communities, without needing to be mothers ourselves.

If the Aphrodite, Hera or Demeter  archetypes start pulling, be the boss. Don’t let them get carried away. I’m referring here to Goddesses in Everywoman by Jean Shinoda Bolen (link in the List of 10 below) – wish I’d read it when I was young.

#10 Give us your List of 10, your Top Recommendations in any category – food, items, places, books, personalities, podcasts… the list is yours!

  1. Feminism / Book. The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G Walker is a huge, heavy tome of hidden knowledge that should be common knowledge. Should is a horrible word, I know, but this should be on every woman’s bookshelf, from puberty through to the end of her life. And then passed on to someone.
  2. Feminism / Book. Goddesses in Everywoman by Jean Shinoda Bolen is is a fascinating and compelling insight into how the archetypes of Greek goddesses are alive and active in all of us. With suggestions as to how to activate them, keep them in check and grow beyond them when necessary… I wish I’d read this 40 years ago, when it was first published.
  3. Health / Program. My program, the Paleo Reset 31 is my best health recommendation. It’s life changing. It’s magic. Except, of course, there’s no magic to it. It’s just about accepting and respecting our very human DNA, and providing our genes with what they need for positive expression (as opposed to giving it food that we’re not designed to it and stimulants that cause havoc for our hormones etc). When we do so, the results are dramatic and fast. It’s amazing.
  4. Kitchen / Appliance. The Instant Pot is my top recommendation with regards to kitchen appliances. We use ours at least once a day and often two or three times. It’s love.
  5. Food / Recipe. Homemade Bone Broth is my best food recommendation for health. The benefits of Bone Broth are incredible and having jars of it in my fridge makes me feel secure and cozy. And it’s easy to make with the Instant Pot.
  6. Place / Travel. Venice, Italy, is my favorite city. It’s a living and breathing melting pot of reality and fantasy, history and modernity, mystery and wonder.
  7. Journal / Shopping. Notebooks from Venezianodoc. Sergio has a shop near the Rialto Bridge in Venice where he sells beautiful leather-bound notebooks. The stitched notebooks are made of beautiful paper that makes you want to write, draw and create… and, for me at least, the paper seems to encourage beautiful handwriting.
  8. Esoteric / Tarot. The Waite/Smith Rider Tarot – Or any cards that are based on it. Arthur Waite and Pamela Smith incorporated teachings from the Kabbalistic Tree of Life into their deck. It makes the reading of Tarot fascinating for the historical and esoteric influences.
  9. Nature / Book. The Overstory by Richard Power is an absolutely brilliant novel for our times. It’s about trees, forests, politics and people. One of the best books that I’ve ever read, and I read a lot. And Braiding Sweetgrass by Robyn Wall Kimmerer is, for me, a sacred text which may revolutionise your relationship to plants and nature.
  10. Spirituality. Western Paganism is fascinating, enriching and powerful. It’s wonderfully and beautifully connected to the earth and the seasons, to mythology and the archetypes, to the stars and the planets. It reminds us that we are a part of nature and an extension of the All Is. The festivals and rituals of Wheel of the Year make sense. And the recognition and honouring of Goddesses, in all of her forms, are so necessary for our psyche, for our communities, and for peace.

#11 If you could jump into a pool of anything, what would it be full of?

The Goddesses, all of them! Artemis/Diana, Athena/Minerva, Hestia/Vesta, Hera/Juno, Demeter/Ceres, Aphrodite/Venus… and of course, the kick-ass Lilith. Wow, what a Pool Party that would be!


#12 Last but not least – What woman in your circle would you love to see here in the Spotlight and a part of our Empress & Sister network?

There are so many! But, after Spotlighting my two right-hand-women here on E&S, Katreena Shaw and Lisa Conine, I’ll be inviting Martina della Stella, my talented artist friend. Her oil paintings depict the vulnerablity and transformative essence of women, and they’re stunning.

Angie, thanks for being Spotlighted!

Welcome to the Empress & Sister Network.

We’re looking forward to co-creating with you a fertile, creative and caring world.

And we hope you’ll flourish through our community of women supporting women.

We hope you’ve loved this Spotlight on Angelina Brazzale.

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Thanks and Blessings! 

Spotlight: Angelina Brazzale

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Connect with and support Angie here:

Website: Angelina Brazzale: Spirit, Nature, Self

Email: Write to Angie through the Contacts form.

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Angelina Brazzale

Angelina Brazzale is the founding creative director of Empress and Sister. Like her chart ruler, Mercury, she travels between worlds. She has degrees in English Literature and in Fine Arts, Ceramics. She's a Primary Health Coach, having reversed autoimmune disease through the protocols of ancestral health. She spent over 10 years teaching yoga and meditation. She reads Tarot, writes and makes art, and is sensitive to the energy in crystals and trees. Visit her Page in the Empress and Sister Collective for information, products and services.