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Welcome to Empress, Sister!

Here at Empress, our vision is to build an online empire of sisterhood and we’d love for you to join us.

As a dynamic network, magazine and shop, Empress & Sister is an online home for women who are contributing to the world in empowering and beautiful ways.

We celebrate and promote women who are raising the global vibration through their skills, services and creativity.

We embrace wholeheartedly the passion, power and magic of the feminine divine and we welcome women who are similarly inspired.

Sounds great? Join us.

What We Do

We’re an online collective of women-supporting-women.

  • Sisternet on the Internet: We align with an integral concept of the Women’s Movement: We are one. Whenever we help one woman reach her potential and achieve her dreams, we’re all lifted higher.
  • Spotlight: We spotlight women who are like-minded and soul aligned, women who we want to hug for what they’re doing and how they’re giving.
  • Standout: We help women stand out on the internet by offering win-win situations for visibility. Search Engines like Google love backlinks: when websites link to other websites, it means those websites are serious. So, we link to the websites of the women in our network, and ask her to do the same.
  • Online Space: If a woman doesn’t have a website, she can find a home here. For an annual fee, she can have her own category, write posts, sell her products and receive her own own url that she can use on Social Media platforms, business cards etc.
  • Women’s Rhythms, Not Algorithms: Social Media is sadomasochistic and makes one a slave to the algorithms. It’s time consuming, addictive, and we prefer to be living our lives offline. By uniting, we work together to engage the algorithms and relieve the workload for everyone.
  • Circular Economy: Women in the Spotlight are encouraged to share their skills by selling their products and services in our shop. And we encourage sisters in the community to support these wonderful women and what they do., and we donate 5% of the sale price to a Big Sister cause.
  • Big Sister: We donate 3% of our annual profits to a Big Sister Cause. The cause is chosen by the collective at the end of the year. The prevention of child trafficking, the elimination of smart phones in schools, the promotion of regenerative agriculture and upholding a woman’s right to choose are examples of causes which, as Big Sister’s, we are keen to support.

How to Join Us

If you’re thinking, “This is great”, then come and join us in one or all of the following ways:

  • Subscribe to the Empress & Sister News. We don’t hassle or hustle. We work at a woman’s pace, respectful of our cycles and seasons. We send the News when we have something to share and when we have someone new to present.
  • Be Spotlighted. Sharing what you do is the best way to become a part of the Empress & Sister network. Contact us and we’ll connect. To be Spotlighted, all we need is a few good photos and your well contemplated answers to our 12 probing questions.
  • Claim your Space. If you don’t have your own website, share ours! For an annual fee, we’ll set you up with your own page and / or category whereby you can post your writings, share your products and services and benefit from the traffic that’s generated by us all.*

*All contributions are reviewed and uploaded by the editorial team.

Inspired? Join us.

When we help one woman reach her potential and achieve her dreams, we’re all lifted higher.