The Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction Cookbook

The Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction Cookbook by Kate Jay: A Review

Baby Eggplants, Prosciutto and Mozzarella on a dark plate.

If superb recipes are Kate Jay’s signature, then mouth watering photography is her style. In this beautiful recipe book, Kate serves us exquisite dishes that combine her skill as a trained chef, her extensive knowledge of nutrition and her passion for optimizing autoimmune wellness through the healing power of food. The Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction Cookbook is a blessing, and not just for those who follow the AIP. The restaurant worthy recipes deserve a place on every table.

Note: All of the photos here are of dishes that I’ve prepared from the recipe book. Kate is a much more talented cook and photographer than I am! Buy the book now on Amazon.

The Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction Cookbook

The Beauty of the Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction Cookbook

The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, as Kate explains in the book, is a temporary elimination diet. The goal is to turn down the flames of inflammation and calm down the confused and over-stimulated immune system that characterises autoimmune disease. Because many foods have the potential to trigger an immune response, the Elimination Phase of the protocol involves removing all known allergens from the diet. When symptoms have subsided, ingredients are gradually added back in. If an inflammatory reaction occurs during this Reintroduction Phase, we know to avoid that ingredient. The protocol recommends following a 4 Stage Reintroduction model, whereby easier ingredients are introduced first, followed by those which are more problematic.

The beauty of The Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction Cookbook is that the recipes are presented according to each of the 4 stages of reintroduction. Each chapter includes an array of breakfast options, soups and salads, mains, desserts and drinks. The variety is awesome, but Kate has gone further in order to accomodate common dietary issues. Each recipe has clear notes indicating which ingredients are being reintroduced, with alternative options for making it AIP compliant. She indicates whether the recipes are FODMAP friendly, coconut free, and whether they’re suitable for freezing. The only problem is to decide which new recipe you’re going to try.

What I Love About the Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction Cookbook

But what I love most about this book is that Kate makes the Autoimmune Protocol not just do-able, but exciting. To say that the AIP is challenging is an understatement. For many, it’s downright difficult. Along with the foods to be avoided, the process can bring up difficult emotions such as fear and disappointment. In the opening chapters, Kate gently walks you through all that you need to know, and counsels as to how you can optimize your experience. And then she wows you with the food!

The recipes make you want to do a month of detox just so that you can explore the reintroductions in these gorgeous ways. They’re amazing.

Digestion 101 Salad with Horseradish Beet Dressing

Some are delightfully simple, such as the Pan-Fried Pineapple and Banana with Macadamia Nuts. Others, like the Spice Spatchcocked Chicken with Lime Gravy, will flex the muscles of the more experienced. (Being a novice, I had my butcher de-bone the chicken.)

Kate has a way of taking classic combinations into new territory. Prosciutto and Mozarella is already wonderful, but served with Baby Eggplants and a Basil Dressing, it’s a whole new thing. I’m looking forward to summer when I can make it again, along with the Buttermilk Pannacotta, which immediately became a favorite, easy, no-bake dessert.

Inside the Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction Cookbook.

Kate uses ingredients in such inventive ways. She adds horseradish to beetroot for a ruby red dressing to dribble over the Digestion 101 Salad, and the result is incredible. She enriches the strawberry topping to a Chia Seed Vanilla Parfait with avocado, making it creamy and super healthy. I would never have thought of using pumpkin pureè in a pastry, but in the Pear, Rasberry and Cardamom Galette, it works. And cardamom in Hot Chocolate, who would ever have thought?

Without exception, all of the recipes that I’ve tried so far have been put onto my list of “to make again… and again.” And there are still so many that I’ve bookmarked to make. I’ve bought mustard seeds in preparation for the Windfall Country Mustard. I’ve bought molasses to make Gingerbread. And I’ve primed my butcher to sharpen his knives for the Boned Chicken with Pistacchios and Figs.

Strawberry Vanilla Chia Seed Parfait

The Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction Cookbook, for All Lovers of Good Food

I’m loving this book and I recommend it to anyone who is passionate about good food – not just for those who are managing autoimmune disease. The great thing about AIP recipes is that they make it easy for all cooks, from the humble home cook to the high level professional, to prepare delicious and nourishing food that is suitable for everyone.

Autoimmune issues, food intollerances and allergies are on the rise, and it’s common these days to have to cater for a variety of dietary situations in a single gathering. In our own circle, if I’m planning a dinner party I know that the menu needs to be lactose free, lectin free and FODMAP friendly. With recipes from the Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction Cookbookon, I know that my guests won’t just be happy, but they’ll be blown away.

Buy The Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction Cookbook

Buy the book now on Amazon. You’re going to love it!

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Photos of recipes that I’ve prepared, from top to bottom: Baby Eggplants, Prosciutto & Mozzarella with Basil Dressing | Pear, Raspberry and Cardamom Galette | Spice Spatchcocked Chicken with Lime Gravy (ready to be roasted) | Digestion 101 Salad with Horseradish Beet Dressing | Chia Seed Strawberry Vanilla Parfait.

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