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Women’s Circle


If change is going to happen, it will happen through the women…

And it is happening


Women around the world are commiting to the future.

We are gathering in Circles for positive change.

Join us in this feminine revolution.



There’s a surging wave of divine feminine energy that is currently sweeping the globe and it’s exciting.

The vision of this movement is that, through expanding our collective intention of healing, we will restore balance and health to the world.

If we want to protect the future then we must commit to healing on the personal, collective and global levels. 

By coming together in Circle we activate a connection that’s powerful and deep, in a most pragmatic way.


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What Happens When Women Come Together in Circle


When women come together in Circle, the energy is uplifting, positive and transformative.

When we unite, we close the wounds of separation.

When we speak and are heard, without judgement or critique, we gain self confidence.

When we connect through intentional sharing, we develop self knowledge, empathy and love.

When we co-create, we share responsibility and grow together.

When we’re free to express our vulnerability, we rise into our power, our authenticity and our joy.

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From the centre of the Circle, from the centre of our hearts, the energy that we create in Circle ripples outwards to our families, our communities, our society and the world. What we create in circle has the potential to embrace the whole of humanity and change the direction of our future.

Jean Shinoda Bolen predicts that 1 million Circles of Women worldwide is the critical mass, the tipping point whereby the dominant paradigm will inevitably shift. She says that the opposite of patriarchy is not matriarchy: it’s Circle.

What is a Women’s Circle?


A Circle is a sacred, safe and transformational space for women to come together in order to connect, share, celebrate and heal.


  • We create a sacred space through Ritual.
  • We create a safe space by respecting the agreements of the Circle.
  • We create a transformational space through the flowering of self confidence and love.


  • We connect deeply through reflecting upon a specific topic that takes us deeper than the usual, “Hello, how are you?”
  • We share by passing the “talking stick”, whereby every woman has the opportunity to be heard, without judgement or criticism.
  • We celebrate through music, movement and dance and
  • We heal through the power of being heard, accepted and held in the loving embrace of the Circle.


In a world which seems to be on a course of separation, the Power of Circle is it’s capacity to create the deep connection that is necessary to support us in our personal and collective, psychological and spiritual growth.

What a Women’s Circle Is Not


Circle is not about seclusion. Circle is powerful because it is creates an inclusive community. Women of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs are welcome.

Circle is not a space for discussing politics or opinions. Circle is powerful because we use the “talking stick” model of sharing. This means that every woman has the same amount of time to speak, usually 3 minutes. After speaking, there is no discussion, comment or judgement. Rather, each woman is thanked and is beamed energy for her contribution. In this way, she gains confidence.

Circle is not therapy. Circle is not about needing to fix something. Circle is powerful because, when in Circle, every woman is perfect as she is, wherever she is on her journey.

Circle is not necessarily always easy. The power of Circle is that when our wounds come to the surface, we can assist in the healing. When our shadows emerge, we have the collective courage to face them.

Circle is not a catwalk. Circle is where we can take off our mask. The power of Circle is that we can show up exactly as we are: tired, stressed, emotional, vulnerable, with migraines and varicose veins… through the connection, we emerge joyful, gorgeous and fabulous!

Circle is not a once-and-done. The power of Circle expands exponentially through our commitment to show up and be present and build community.


When we come together in Circle, we create an intentional space wherein we can reveal ourselves in all the facets of our being, where we can celebrate our divine feminine essence, and where we can incubate our collective power.

When Do You Hold Your Circles?


Women are intimately connected to the Moon Cycle and have always been aligned with her power.

I hold my Women’s Circles on the Full Moon and the New Moon, which means the date changes each month.

How Much Does it Cost to Attend?


Because of the organisation and emotional investiment behind every Circle, it’s important that there’s an economic and/or energetic exhange between partecipants and the Circle holder.


I ask a contribution based on €10 an hour.

Thus, a Circle that lasts 2 hours is €20.


Having said that, you can pay what and how you like. I place the Box in a corner of the room and don’t monitor the contributions.

I also embrace the philosophies of Economic Justice, the Gift Economy, and the Time Bank: value for value,  each to their own capacity.

Contact me if you’d like to know more.

What About Our Men Friends?


Men are connected with the energy of the Sun, and there are 4 Sun Festivals every year: the Summer and Winter Solstices, and the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes.  When possible, I hold events on these dates, our menfolk are invited and it’s wonderful to share the celebration together.

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I hope you’ll join me in the exponentially expanding energy of


To partecipate in my Circles