Yoga means ‘union’. Through the practice of Yoga, we seek to unite the spirit, the mind and the body. This is important. Yoga isn’t a gym workout, nor is it Pilates, nor a dance class, nor a martial art. And it’s certainly not a religion. But through the concentrated mind, the potential of the body, and with awareness of the breath, we connect with our spirit – that elusive aspect of awareness that gives meaning and value to life. 

Yoga is a way of exploring what it means to be human, in all its facets.

My emphasis in the practice and teaching of yoga is sensitive awareness.

Lessons in Italy and Online

I teach In Person classes in Thiene (Vicenza), Italy.

Find my Classes Online in Italian in the Quality Life Studio.

How Yoga Works

Body. By taking the body into positions beyond our daily movements, we liberate tension, strengthen weak areas and donate flexibility to rigid zones.
Mind. Stress accumulates when the mind is filled with a thousand things. By concentrating on specific details, we find space and peace.
Spirit. The breath is Prana, the vital force that gives life to our physical form. It’s also the language of the nervous system. Through the quality and rhythm of the breath, our body/mind relaxes, allowing our energy to flow.

When we practice yoga, we do all of this, all at the same time.
At the end of the practice, we’re not quite the same as when we started. We feel better, we’re happier, we’re more at peace.

Yoga transforms from within. We learn, breath after breath, that positive change is possible, right here, right now.